Management Philosophy

Since inception in 1989, Singhi Advisors has consistently strived to achieve its client’s satisfaction above everything else, but without having to compromise on Singhi’s core value system.

Underpinning all that we do are four core values:-

• Putting Clients First
• Be a Differentiator
• Doing The Right Thing, At The Right Time
• Giving Back

Our core value “Do the right thing” means that we take personal responsibility for our actions, make the right decisions and hold ourselves accountable. Situations may arise where the proper course of action may not be clear, and it is important to consider some questions before you act, such as:

• Is my action in compliance with laws, regulations and our policies?
• Is my action consistent with this Code and Singhi’s core values?
• Could my action be perceived by others as inappropriate or unethical?
• Could my action damage my or Singhi’s reputation, or embarrass me or Singhi?

The key management philosophies of SINGHI ADVISORS include the following:

• Passion for the mid-market
• Commitment to our culture
• Commitment to growth
• Commitment to remain entrepreneurial
• Multi-local and globally integrated

Globally integrated and Multi-Local “Glo-cal”: Singhi Advisors has offices located in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru & Australia. Our ability to simultaneously operate globally and locally across multiple industries and services is due to our shared culture of commitment to excellence, teamwork and integration. This Glo-cal approach to management is a key component for our success.