Management Buyouts

Our goal is singular: to make your transaction happen in a way that sets you up for ongoing and sustainable success. This is your transaction and our Management Buy Out team has the expertise to get it over the line.

The opportunity:

If a business is for sale, management buy outs (MBOs) provide management with a unique and risk managed way to buy the business they may be managing or a key member in the management team.

Worldwide, MBOs are a well established way of buying a business. They are often a vehicle for management teams to achieve financial freedom.

To access this opportunity the management team must be fully committed to driving the business to new levels of success and to investing a manageable level of upfront capital in the purchase of the business.

Extensive management buyout expertise:

As independent advisers, your ownership interests are our key focus in the Management Buyout process.

We expect to negotiate a transaction where you (or your management team) own the majority of the business. We will do that without putting your personal assets at risk.

Our team has extensive management buy out expertise across a diverse mix of sectors, including everything from dairy to retail, to protective clothing and printing.

Our role is to be on your team as lead commercial adviser and help ensure that the transaction sets you up for ongoing and sustainable success.