Mahesh Singhi cycles to keep stress at bay, says bike rides help strike work-life balance

by / Monday, 02 December 2019 / Published in News & Updates

The Founder and MD of Singhi Advisors shares how taking impromptu cycling trips helps him stay destressed.

Cycling forms an extremely important part of Mahesh Singhi, Founder and MD, Singhi Advisors’s workout routine. The global investment banking firm boss told ET Panache of how he manages to make time for this.

“I make it a point to take off some time from my busy schedule and engage in some strenuous biking activity. I prefer to cycle on weekends, specifically in the early morning hours when the air is fresh and there is less traffic on the road. It helps me come in close contact with nature and connect with my inner self while getting the best of fresh morning air,” Singhi said.

Cycling helps, him keep stress at bay. Singhi says, since taking up the sport, he has seen a big change in his fitness. “It has been my observation that cycling has played a key role in alleviating my stress levels to a great extent. It has helped me in having a relaxed frame of mind at all times and have a balanced attitude towards work and life,” he said.

The Singhi Advisors MD says, he never plans his cycling trips in advance. “I am a solo cyclist and like to go on impromptu cycling trips. My preferred cycling spot in Mumbai is near Powai lake which offers me a beautiful view,” he said.

Singhi has been on several memorable cycling trips ever since he discovered the beauty of the two wheeler. “The experience, the adrenaline rush that cycling gives me is more important than the venue. For me, cycling is more of an easy walk than a motivated run or a calorie-burning machine,” he said.

Fitness is a state of mind for Singhi. Life is too short to be tense about small things which shall eventually pass, he believes. “I follow the simple motto of living in the moment and enjoying every living day as it comes. One should not have a serious overview of everything in life and should take pressures lightly to live a life free of stress and tension,” he ended.